Instrumental Instruction

Piano ~ Guitar ~ Violin ~ Cello ~ Other Instruments
From Age 3 Through Adult

Utilizing the incomparable Suzuki method and supplementing it with the best of other methods depending on what is most beneficial for each individual student, NWISC's faculty offers high-caliber instrumental instruction in the Northwest Indiana area. We are passionate about enhancing every facet of life through music; therefore, we welcome both students who desire to play simply as one of many hobbies, as well as students who want to pursue a professional path.

Included in instrumental instruction at NWISC is an emphasis on ear training, as well as music theory, music reading, improvisation, and composition. We also offer special semi-regular improvisation and composition courses.

Before beginning lessons, it is helpful to observe lessons of established students. Many questions can be answered in this way.

For an introduction to what the Suzuki approach includes, this excerpt from Teaching from the Balance Point, a highly recommended book by Edward Kreitman, is an excellent summary.

If you want to explore the Suzuki approach in more depth, it would also be helpful to read one of the Suzuki autobiographies: Ability Development from Age Zero or Nurtured by Love. Many public libraries have these available. The Suzuki approach is a philosophy that can best be understood by reading how Shinichi Suzuki developed it.

Please call or email with any questions or to set up a time for a free observation.

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